Density^2: He Who Talks To Cutscenes

What’s up #TAY? It’s Seriously Mike, and what I have for you is the first video from my Destiny 2 series, Density Squared. Join me for over half an hour of shooting Cabal in the face, talking to cutscenes and general surreal humor straight from Middle-Eastern Europe, home of weird cinema, even weirder movie posters, and politicians that could give Thronald Dump a run for his money in the “Biggest Fuckadoodle Elected Legally” competition.


Also, some bits of trivia regarding the video:

  • The word “fuck” or its variants appears exactly seventy times, so about twice a minute on average. Don’t ask me to count the expletives in moonspeak, I’d estimate there’s a hundred of those.
  • “Little Mac” is a reference to my Overwatch let’s play, in which I translated the way I refer to McCree as a reference to Super Punch Out (the moonspeak version refers to a local soap opera and a brand of chocolate bar).
  • “Zavala” is a homophone for the local word for “he screws up” (present tense).
  • Yes, that’s a line from Tom Lehrer’s “Lobachevsky” there. Plagiarize, plagiarize, plagiarize!
  • A “duck foot” is a kind of a volley gun with several barrels spread at an angle, like this:
  • The “Turkish saint” line is a reference to a local saying, “as broke as a Turkish saint”. And janitor Turecki is a character from a long-running comedy show from the 80s.
  • I mention the year 1920 and the “Miracle on the Vistula” - a reference to the Battle of Warsaw, in which the Polish forces did indeed chase the Reds away.
  • “Minister Sienkiewicz” is a reference to former Minister of Internal Affairs, Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, infamous for his “we’re coming for you” quote that referred to football hooligans. And fans of the capital city’s football club, Legia, are commonly known as “Legionnaires”.
  • That odd “jackdaw” line? The word for jackdaw and the surname of Franz Kafka are pronounced almost the same.
  • The subtitles refer to Ghaul as “Darth” Bucket, while the original calls him “Lord”, in order to maintain the Star Wars reference that would be lost otherwise.

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