Density^2: Man With The Iron Stick

We finally reached the EDZ, and our first target is the old East German nuclear bunker. Also, in anticipation of Curse of Osiris, I rushed the schedule - now it’s all storyline on weekdays and extras on the weekend.

  • “Strange it’s not” is a catchphrase from a local comic called “WILQ”, not Yoda. Surprisingly.
  • That Ali G quote came out of nowhere. I told you shit’s gonna get surreal and random.
  • “Shotgun is the king of CQB like lion is the king of the jungle” is a slightly changed line from a local copypasta that ended up as a feature film.
  • Yes, that’s a Warcraft III reference, sung to the tune of U2’s “The Sweetest Thing”.
  • “Brain scrambling” is a pun in moonspeak: believe it or not, the term for meninges here is “brain tires”, hence me saying that they’re getting vulcanized.

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