Density^2: The Hangover

Welcome back to Density Squared, the surreal, Eastern European playthrough of Bungie’s Destiny 2. This time, I share an old Molvanian hangover cure, have hard drive issues and sing Shotgun Bob’s Shotgun Song.

  • The “Energetik Isotonik Elektronik Supersonik” line is a reference to Australian comedian Santo Cilauro’s character Zladko “Zlad!” Vladcik (not to be confused with Youtube personality Dr Disrespect, they look similar), Eastern European rockstar from the fictional country of Molvania, his song “Elektronik Supersonik” and my hangover cure that involves an energy drink and an isotonic sports drink.
  • The particular pronunciation of “Omolon” is based on how the name of Ukrainian Obolon beer is pronounced.
  • “Shotgun Bob’s Shotgun Song” comes from a line in a signature I saw on some forums long ago, and the rhythm comes from the Bonanza theme tune (“Dudu-dudu-dudu-dudu SHOTGUUUUN!”)
  • I also get into local politics: “The Chairman’s Ear” is a web series about thinly-veiled analogues of local politicians, and the underfunded healthcare is a recent hot topic in the media, as resident physicians are on hunger strike right now.
  • Metallic green Opel Astras were ridiculously popular a couple of years back, and thanks to the ridiculous clusterfuck the local DMVs are, it was possible to drag one from a German scrapyard and make it street legal here. If you greased a couple of palms, that is.

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