Density^2: The Old Song And Dance

In the third episode of Density Squared, we’re battling space gypsies and having a sing-along. Of course, spoiler!, I’m singing really badly, but I had a blast trying to translate the lines (it’s a filk song about Baldur’s Gate 2 that I wrote back in high school).

  • As you probably remember from the previous episode, Opel Astra is a very popular car here. Particularly if a shifty used car salesman dragged it here from a German scrapyard and made it run again with duck tape and chicken wire.
  • “Ishkabibble” is an outdated American phrase meaning “I don’t care”. Much like the line in original moonspeak.
  • The Gloria Gaynor quote in the subtitles replaces a quote from a local song in original moonspeak.
  • The word “outgrabe” comes from Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky”. The most popular translation to moonspeak (there are ten of those IIRC) is an inherently funny word that I often use when exasperated, like “I am gonna trot on all fours and outgrabe!”.
  • “Schwarzwald” does indeed translate directly to “Black Forest”, hence the joke.
  • The Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte is a famous German cake. You may know it from Portal - the cake model from that game is a kirschtorte.
  • The myths about all the supposed benefits awaiting refugees in Germany grew to such ridiculous proportions that the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs had to debunk them. No wonder I’m taking the piss too, enthusiastically claiming that I got benefits, free housing and a car lease after reclaiming the Light.
  • The “Romanian bastard” I mention in the song is Jon Irenicus, the villain of Baldur’s Gate II. Mostly because his name sounds very, very Romanian (Ion is a popular Romanian name, and “Irenicus” could pass for a Romanian surname).
  • “Tupolev noises” is a reference to a quote from one of the “government experts” supposedly “investigating” the 2010 crash of presidential plane in Smolensk. He made himself the butt of many jokes after making weird noises like this during a conference.
  • Also, I confused Lord Shaxx with Lord Saladin, who is indeed retired since Rise of Iron.

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