I Love/Hate Destiny 2... And It's Not Even Out Yet!

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To quote an obscure novel: “I’ll be honest with you to the point of idiocy”. I preordered Destiny 2 for PC yesterday and despite it’s not even out yet, I already love/hate it. I did the reasonable thing and bought the season pass right of the bat, that’s one reason for it. Why? Mostly because I still remember the stink related to how the DLCs for the first game locked players out of about half the game (both PVE and PVP!), and with the first expansion looming on the horizon (it was announced to come out in December), I’d be shafted before I could say Ikora Rey. I mean, seriously. The game comes out, I shoot Cabal in the face for two months, maybe do some PVP for fun, and then boom, Bungie takes half my game away like a bizarro Santa Claus and holds it for ransom. Not cool.


Another thing is, at least according to a video by some guy called Timbo, Bungie’s cavalier attitude towards lore and continuity. Basically, they’re pulling a Lovretta here, forget to tell the players a couple of important or at least interesting bits of info and get pretty confused about where some characters stand after all those DLCs for the original Destiny. Now, that wouldn’t be a problem if the creators weren’t talking big since the previous game was announced, you know, that schpiel about “vast universe”, “compelling mythology”, etcetera. And while I’m not buying that right off the bat (I mean, Warframe started kinda similarly, just with less noise about how epic the story was supposed to be, and just went with the flashy space ninja thing first and foremost), I am afraid that I’ll have to ask a question and I won’t get an answer.

And finally, the Saints’ Row-like continuity lockout problem. When I bought Saints’ Row 2, I was a bit confused about some of the characters and situations. A sequel to a console exclusive rolled in on PC, and the continuity nods that were perfectly clear to people who played the original turned out to be opaque to the people who haven’t. Coupled with the fast and loose approach to storytelling I mentioned above, I think that some mythology gags and call-backs might be confusing to me. I mean, okay - the Great White Hope hangs out above the City with the Tower, it sent the Ghosts down to prepare the Guardians for the fight with the Great Somethingorother that’s not coming until Destiny IV, presumably, and then Dominus Bucketheadus drops by with his Space Roman Empire buddies, bombs the shit out of the Tower and attempts to take the Great White Hope for himself. Which means I’ll be running errands for Bald Blue Leader Guy, Captain Tighty Robopants and that chick I won’t be able to say the name of before Bungie screws me over the DLC. Yeah. Got it. But... who are those people, exactly, and how did we even land at Square One of this game? Sure, it’s just a show and I should relax, but I really don’t want to tilt my head in confusion because the heirs of Kingqueen Antelope or what shis name was suddenly drop by with their Wizards from the Moon to wreak havoc and I’m supposed to know why but I really, really don’t.


I’m still gonna play it, sure. I’ll probably come up with mocking nicknames for whatever enemies I’ll face. But I swear t’god, those ninety euros better be worth it.

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