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Jan 6 2018
<i>Bright:</i> A Rewrite Too Far

So I watched Netflix’s heavily advertised $90 million urban fantasy movie, Bright. I also got my hands on the

Nov 23 2017
<i>Density^2</i>: Cable Guy

In case you’re not one of my eighteen Youtube subscribers, I keep going. And going. And going. This episode is

Nov 2 2017
<i>Density^2</i>: The Hangover

Welcome back to Density Squared, the surreal, Eastern European playthrough of Bungie’s Destiny 2. This time, I share

Dec 11 2012

Ha, my Deus Ex Human Revolution coat (33% off!) arrived today. Hmmm, can I be arsed to do a reshoot of my old, old photo (that served as my avatar o'er here for some time)?