The Joys of Being A Gaming Youtuber

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A few days ago, I asked “Hey, how do I youtube? I have an annoying voice, I speak in non sequiturs and orphaned punchlines, I swear like a sailor and I drop an occasional racist remark. Sounds like a great start!” And to be quite honest, I wasn’t entirely joking there.


So I decided to make some more videos. I got the idea to dig through my Steam backlog and try making short impressions of whatever thing I haven’t played yet. I cooked up bumpers, overlays, said “Fuck it, we’ll do it live!” and hit the record button.

Now, I assumed one thing: I am going to do the videos, at least when simple gameplay is involved, unscripted and in my native moonspeak with English subtitles. Unscripted mostly because I feel better at improv. Whatever stupid thing comes to my mind, I’m gonna blurt it out even if its complete nonsense or a wild tangent (this is common when the gameplay is more relaxed - you’ll notice the difference in today’s Overwatch video where tension stays high and I’m either explaining what’s going on or cussing out the enemies). Native moonspeak, because of two things - first, I’m expecting I’m gonna drop a lot of Buffy-isms, second, I’m much more comfortable swearing in my native moonspeak. I could try and compare the famous “diversity of the word” scene in The Boondock Saints with an attempt at translation into my native moonspeak - and instead of the word “fuck”, the moonspeak version would contain at least seven distinct expletives with three or four variants each. Also, some things can’t be translated without gaining or losing context (and causing a Pewdiepie-like scandal in effect). You can notice it in the “Pugubugu Island” video - the subtitles dance around the mention of black people, because there’s just no good equivalent of the word “murzynek” (which means a black boy). Thank you, Alabama! Thank you, Kentucky! And last but not least, thank you Tumblr!


I do intend to do scripted videos too, and those will be in English. Mostly because I’ll be bending the contents of the video to what I want to say, and not the other way round. And that’s gonna happen once I prepare the scripts, as I tried to just run my mouth about a basic outline of a topic, getting hopelessly stuck ten seconds in.

The “Pugubugu Island” video also has a distinctive overlay missing from the Renegade Ops playthrough above. That’s a production error on my part - I pretty much forgot to create one for the “Backlog” series initially, but I fixed it the second time around. The overlay itself is a parody of the one used by the largest local news station, originally cooked up for the Facebook streams of Overwatch I started doing for my friends back in June. When I bought Fortnite, I decided to evolve in a way and create “shows” with separate logos placed in the lower left corner. The original was “Wstajesz I Lamisz” (Wake Up And Suck), a self-deprecating name stemming from the fact that I’m terrible at competitive multiplayer. For Fortnite, I created “YYYYYYYYYYnwazja” (YYYYYYYYYnvasion), based on a silly in-joke among my high school friends and the joke that Husks are an invasion of “Zombies from space... Aliens from the tomb... WHATEVER!”. “Backlog” is a sort of Exactly What It Says On The Tin name. And since I bought Destiny 2, there’s gonna be a “show” for it too - called “Gęstość Kwadrat” (Density Squared), a joke instantly noticeable in English, but ridiculously obtuse in Polish. Also, the news ticker has dual purpose - originally, in the static Facebook stream overlay, it included callbacks and quotes from the previous stream (or a couple of jokes about the game in case of the first stream from a given title), and when I switched to Youtube, I just rebuilt it to contain dynamically scrolling text - with a couple of jokes about the game I’m playing in “Backlog”, and quotes and callbacks in everything else.


What I realized I don’t have is a rear bumper - that 15-second clip people use on Youtube to put the Subscribe button and channel promotion at the end of their videos. And since I told you about the news station bit, I kinda have an idea how to do it...

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