The Strange Case of Akira Yoshida

So, it turned out that Marvel’s new EIC, C.B. Cebulski (a surname that is particularly funny to me for reasons mentioned below) wrote under the pen name “Akira Yoshida” for years, for three different companies. One of them was Marvel. While Cebulski worked there officially, just in a different department. Now, people are pissed off... Because omeegee, dat am racistz! No. Not because the guy hid it from Marvel, not because he wrote for competition while working for Marvel in an official capacity and not because what his writing was subpar weeaboo bullshit. Because somehow, that is racist.


Cebulski is not the first one to pull this sort of shit, but at least he did it better than Radford W. Davis, a notorious ninjer weeaboo scamster active since the eighties. Now, did anyone, in the last thirty years or so, raised this sort of shitstorm over Davis, who not only maliciously misrepresented himself for decades, but also did it for borderline criminal purposes?


The only charges leveled at him focused on the practical side of things, namely the fact that he plagiarized shit and runs a martial arts diploma mill to this day.


Here’s a write-up on Davis’ antics:

Now, what Cebulski pulled is closer to the story of “Yi-Fen Chou” - and looking at it from an outside perspective (disclaimer, despite using “Mike West” as my go-to real-name-sounding alias, I’m not an American, I’m from a weird country called “Nowhere” by some playwrights - it’s mere four hundred miles from Chernobyl), I find it ridiculous. If whites in America have “systemic power”, why the fuck would a white guy pretend to not be white? Why would he pretend he comes from outside this “power structure”? Where’s the logic in that?


Sherman Alexie puts it pretty well, quoted by Hua Hsu in the above article on “Yi-Fen Chou”:

“I’d briefly wondered about the life story of a Chinese American poet who would be compelled to write a poem with such overt and affectionate European classical and Christian imagery, and I marveled at how interesting many of us are in our cross-cultural lives”


I’d say, (another disclaimer here) as a Philosophy graduate (the subject of my thesis was aesthetics), the “cross-cultural lives” of our age are a fascinating thing. Not only the things that work, but also the ridiculous, grotesque shitshows like countless weeaboos like Cebulski (and Kotaku’s own Brian Ashcraft’s articles about what Japan is really like make weeaboo preconceptions even more ridiculous and grotesque) and local “Americans” (ridiculously redneckish in their aping of whatever they could glean from Fox News and media made before 1989). I find it borderline comical that only now, when the cat’s out of the bag and pissing in the progressives’ Sunday shoes, Seanbaby dared to call out Cebulski’s old writing as weeaboo horsefuckery. I mean, wasn’t that obvious to him before? That it was all bullshit based on James Clavell and ninjasploitation films from the 80s - the Karate Kid/American Ninja/whathaveyou cliches that cannot die? Seriously, maybe more people should openly admit what Sherman Alexie stated on his blog after “Yi-Fen Chou” revealed himself. We all know it, there’s no point in denying it, so let’s just say it and think about fixing the origin, not just the outcome of this situation.

But oh, wait, nobody wants that. Because it pretty much busts the status quo and makes people ask inconvenient questions.

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