I decided to record a gameplay video from Fortnite’s new PVP mode, Battle Royale, and I’m not impressed, to say the least. If you can’t be bothered to read the subtitles (video is in my native moonspeak, but I was considerate enough to make English subtitles for it), here’s the gist of what’s problematic.


First, it’s awfully, awfully uninspired. It’s a blatant, mindless, half-assed knockoff of PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds with not really that much Fortnite in it.

The fact that it doesn’t really have enough Fortnite in it pops up in the map design. Seriously, I hate that map. It’s nowhere near Fortnite aesthetically nor mechanically. Fortnite maps are blocky, and for a good reason - they’re supposed to accomodate whatever you’re trying to build, and that one goes out the window as soon as you’re trying to build anything on those rolling hills of PVP Island. Walls sink into the ground, and let’s not even mention the floors. The only places where Fortnite level design is visible are the settlements - only because the basements have to work, so the settlements are built on the blocky cliff-and-ramp bases so well known from the PVE mode.


And the dumbest thing is changing weapon behavior drastically for gits and shiggles. If I see the AK-like rifle I know from PVE to fire single rounds pretty quickly, don’t make it fire three-round bursts. Three-round bursts are a MP5 thing. Same goes for the M16 - if it shoots full-auto in PVE, I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t do the same in PVP (where it’s semi-auto). Doing otherwise makes the PVP mode seem less like an addition and more like an unwelcome intrusion slash crude cash grab.

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